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Antiscalant for Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Deren Chemicals Reverse Osmosis Membrane Antiscalants

Important properties of Deren Membrane Chemicals

1) Easy to use products, environmental friendly features
2) NSF Certified
3) They minimise all kinds of scaling / fouling problems
4) We select and calculate the most appropriate antiscalant type and dosage amount according to system water characteristics and plant operation data by executing Derscalant Membrane Master Software
5) They allow To operate at enhanced recovery rates so as to maximise production whilst minimising the volume of feed water and concentrate used, thus saving on valuable resources.
6) They allow To offer OEMs and end-users positive financial savings through cost effective products.
7) Recomended by membrane manufacturers as a most effective

Antiscalants & Antifoulants: Deren Chemicals has an extensive range of antiscalants and antifoulants effective against most common inorganic foulants including silica, iron, aluminium and manganese.

Biocides and Cleaners: Deren Chemicals has an extensive range of advanced membrane cleaners and membrane compatible microbiocides.

DERSCALANT 32: Silica antifoulant
DERSCALANT 31: Membrane antiscalant
DERSCALANT 30: General purpose antiscalant
DERSCALANT 33: Sea water antiscalant 
DERCLEAR 80: Acidic membrane cleaner 
DERCLEAR 90: Alkaline membrane cleaner